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Braid Bonnet Shower Cap

Braid Bonnet Shower Cap

SKU: 21354654

One of the biggest issues that alot of clients complain about is their inability to properly put their braids away when its time to shower. This shower cap will ensure your braids are tucked in a thick plastic cap so they are not in the way of you showering.


    *Water Proof


    * Reversible

    * Use at spas, parties and more

    * Fashionable Waterproof Shower Cap

    * One Size Fits Most
    * No more looking for something to tie your hair up with before getting in the shower. Just put this shower cap on before you get in the shower and the worries of your hair getting wet are no longer an issue. It even comes with a snap!



    If I purchase products from Get Jazzed Braiding, I acknowledge that I will take it upon myslef to read the ingrediants to ensure I am not alergic to any of its contents. Once I purchase the product, I acknowledge that all sales are FINAL.

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