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By booking this appointment I understand all of the following:

-I will not bring children to my appointment

- I will read over the refund policy thoroughly and sign it once I arrive at the shop

-I know that if I am temped, and my temperature is high, I will be asked to leave and reschedule due to COVID precautions. 

-If I forfeit in any way my appointment, I will not be refunded my deposit/retainer

- I will reach out for all color request and pay additional fee

-I understand that my hair must not be BLUNT or CUT. If I book an appointment and either is the case, I will reach out for a consult first. If I don’t and I show up to the appointment and am unable to be serviced, I understand that my deposit will not be refunded and appointment will be canceled.

-I will not be later than 15 min to my appointment or I will reschedule.

Hair Supplies
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